I have frequently heard variations of the question, “Why must I select an all natural physician over my traditional MD?” Area of the answer is based on another question, “What’s natural medicine?”

Natural prescription medication is a discipline that emphasizes your body’s capability to heal itself and keep itself at optimum health. Naturopathic doctors use herbs and foods to stimulate your body’s healing processes instead of simply using drugs to deal with the characteristic of an illness. Simplistically, natural medicine could be regarded as wellness management instead of disease management.

So, by selecting natural medicine, one is selecting to consider a preventative, positive method of health as opposed to a reactive approach – waiting until any adverse health issue arises after which seeking treatment. She or he has also made careful analysis address the main reason for health problems as opposed to just treat the signs and symptoms. That’s not saying that natural medicine does not treat signs and symptoms it will. For instance, an individual dedicated to natural medicine might take St. Johns Wort rather of the synthetic prescription to combat signs and symptoms of depression.

That’s also not saying a thief selecting natural medicine needs to reject traditional medicinal practises. This is not an either/or situation. Natural medicine and traditional allopathic medicine can and really should exist alongside, however in balance.

Naturopathic practitioners have confidence in your body’s capability to heal itself. By concentrating on strengthening and balancing your body’s systems – immune, nervous, hormone, and detoxing – healing occurs and optimal health and wellness is restored. Since naturopaths approach each patient holistically, they appear at uncovering and treating underlying imbalances, for example diet, instead of simply treating the presenting health symptom. Treating the symptom can be a fast solution band aid, but addressing the actual causes will assist the body go back to its natural condition of optimal health and wellness.

Natural medicine is not a silver bullet, magical fix approach. A pharmaceutical may provide quick respite from an indicator, but will it give a cure? Maybe, not. However, great outcomes through natural medicine may come from positive behavior changes and also the persistence it should maintain these changes lengthy enough for your system to reply.

If you think maybe in the idea of ideal health, developing optimum wellness, and disease prevention, possibly you should think about natural medicine before the next trip to the physician.