Everyone knows that vitamins are important if wish to remain healthy. We want vitamins in really small proportions to allow the body grow and performance correctly. Because we can’t make vitamins ourselves, we will need to supply the body with vitamins by using a reliable diet.

The diet plan should be well-balanced because we want all sorts of vitamins, 13 as a whole. Our primary supply of vitamins is obviously our food. Different types of food contain different types of vitamins which explains why what we eat should be well-balanced. Our overall health would suffer when we what we eat would lack certain vitamins. But it’s important too to not take an excessive amount of some types of vitamins. An excessive amount of can also be harmful to the health, so we must be cautious.

The 13 types of vitamins could be divided on two groups: water soluble and fat soluble. This difference is essential since the water soluble vitamins are hardly kept in the body, meaning we ought to supply the body using these vitamins every single day. On the other hand would be the fat soluble vitamins that are kept in the body. Which means that we do not have to consider these vitamins everyday, but this may also mean we that the amount of these vitamins within our body could possibly get greater and greater when we would take an excessive amount of them daily.

It’s also vital that you understand that all kinds of vitamin has it’s own specific purpose within the functioning in our body. Knowing we want all sorts of vitamins and knowing all of them serve a particular purpose we are able to suppose we do not all need vitamins within the same quantities. Obviously you will find variations between men, ladies and children. A bigger body generally needs more vitamins than the usual smaller sized body. But we are able to address more groups of folks that have different needs for vitamins.

In a few periods within our lives we ask more from your body compared to other periods and a few individuals are more active than the others. This leads to other needs for vitamins. For instance whenever a lady will get pregnant her body and the entire body of her child needs more folate (vitamin B9) then non pregnant people. Vitamin B9 is essential in periods of heavy cell division and cell growth. Which means that the amount of folate will fall throughout the first days of being pregnant. So in that period extra vitamin B9 is within place.