If there’s one thing that the past decade of medical research has taught us about balding, it’s that hair loss isn’t the exclusive domain of men. As a matter of fact, millions of women all over the world struggle with thinning, receding, and balding hair and it tends to cause frequent bouts of depression, anxiety, and a general lack of self-worth.

Thus, in an effort to help you put your best foot forward and finally regain your confidence, this brief article will highlight the most effective methods and techniques to prevent and treat hair loss in today’s day and age.

The “Do”s and “Don’t”s

Right from the beginning, it’s important to assess and evaluate your daily routine in order to ascertain the habits that are exacerbating your hair loss:

  • Do enjoy the sunshine on a day-to-day basis, as all-natural sunlight encourages and stimulates the production of vitamin D, a fundamental nutrient that has been empirically proven to prevent hair loss.
  • Don’t use birth control pills that contain high amounts of androgen as they tend to incite excessive DHT production and hormone-induced hair loss in women.
  • Do take vitamin E supplements to enhance cardiovascular circulation and nutrient delivery to your follicles.
  • Don’t drink copious amounts of alcohol all of the time, alcohol dehydrates your body and makes it difficult to deliver nutrients and essential vitamins to your scalp.
  • Do eat foods rich in biotin in order to strengthen and supplement your follicles. Eggs, carrots, fish, nuts, and cucumbers are just a few examples of biotin-laden options.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes because tobacco inhalation introduces dangerous free radicals that are known to damage hair follicles and decrease circulatory function.
  • Do check for the most common signs of hair loss on a daily basis such as thinning hair, a widening part, increased hair accumulation on your brushes, and a progressively more visible scalp.
  • Don’t avoid visiting your local hair care specialist to find a lasting solution, especially if you’ve already augmented your daily routine and failed to notice any positive results.

If All Else Fails, Try the Miracle Hair Enhancer System

If you decide to visit Hair Solved in Belfast, you’ll be able to avail yourself of a safe, effective, and affordable hair enhancement procedure that can quell and quash any type of hair loss regardless of your ethnicity, skin type, or age.

This tailor-made, minimally invasive process is comprised of three easy steps:

  1. The first leg of the treatment involves attaching a resilient ergonomic mesh directly to your scalp. Your practitioner will carefully thread your actual hair follicles through the near-invisible gaps in the mesh cap in order to establish a flush, uniform fit. Then, your hair care expert will affix and secure the ergonomic mesh without using excessive heat, glue, or any viscous chemicals.
  2. Once the mesh is level, flush, and homogeneously attached, the practitioner will begin weaving 100% human hair into the cap. These new follicles are applied in small sections and with a gentle touch to replicate the natural flow and fall of real, true-to-life hair.
  3. After judiciously weaving hundreds of follicles into the ergonomic mesh, your hair care specialist will facilitate a professional haircut, trim, and style to finalise the process.

With this valuable information at your disposal, you can finally begin eliminating the scourge of female hair loss once and for all!