Wellness services are high in demand, and most people don’t mind paying a good price as long as they get the right service. If you are bored of the same old spa center in your city, you can plan a spa nordique de Montréal. Destination spas are trending everywhere, and these are actually different from your regular spa. So, what are the things you can expect from a destination spa? We have a few pointers that may come handy!

Incredible ambience

People visit wellness centers with an intention of relaxation and rejuvenation. While city spas try their best, they can hardly personalize the experience for their guests. Destination spas sell their services, often talking about the ambience. These are located at exotic places, often away from the maddening crowd, where you can find some serious ‘me’ time and can enjoy the best of services.


Great massages

From thermal massages to special aromatherapy sessions and Thai massages, destination wellness centers offer a wide range of options. Even if you are not interested in other things, you will love a regular massage under the open sky. These spas ensure that their guests have fun in the natural settings, and their massage beds and other arrangements are made in the same way.

Salon and beauty services

The lines between a salon and a wellness center are blurring constantly. Just like you can enjoy a massage at a beauty parlor, you can also get salon services at a spa. There are some great packages that you can choose from, which can include things like facial treatments, eyebrow tinting, makeup and much more.

Special events

Wellness centers located in nice places often use the settings and environment to arrange special events. You can find brunches, special lunch sessions, yoga classes, mediation session and much more. These events are usually planned around the weekend and holidays, and the seats are limited, so make sure that you book in advance.

Awesome food

The food served at destination spas is often a mix of healthy and fun menus. If you choose to stay for long, you can develop a lot of healthy lifestyle habits. Since most spas have their websites, you can check their events in detail and can select a service that fits your needs. Food events are actually great for bonding with likeminded people, and you can take the entire family along with you.

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