The combination of diet and exercise has been touted as the sure fire way to health and fitness for every individual in the world. Of all the diets and health plans and products on the market, nothing has been shown to be more effective than a comprehensive program of eating well and exercising regularly. In some cases, however, an effective diet and exercise program can lead to one of the most unhealthy results that a person can experience. The result I’m referring to is an eating disorder.

Many people think of eating disorders simply as conditions suffered by narcissistic and egotistical women. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, because these disorders can take root in just about anyone including men, women, and children. What can happen in some cases is that a person who was overweight will begin a program of diet and exercise and because of the fantastic results they achieve, they simply don’t stop once they reached their target goal.

What happens is that these people see themselves in a way that they have never seen before which is themselves being fit and in shape and admired by others. This feeling can lead to an all consuming psychological disorder that sees them continue the process of diet and exercise to the extreme and what once was a healthy condition is now an unhealthy and harmful disease. Their diet and exercise activities can lead to them losing significant amounts of weight resulting in a very unhealthy situation.

Weight loss caused by eating disorders can lead to a host of medical problems including high blood pressure, loss of menstruation for women, severe fatigue leading to periodic fainting, and even heart attack leading to death. There is no question that those suffering from an eating disorder have a tough battle ahead and it is important to seek medical attention immediately if you or someone you know is suspected of having an eating disorder.

It is important when beginning any exercise or diet program that you set limits for yourself. Following a consistent plan of action that involves a healthy meal plan with a healthy exercise plan as recommended by a fitness and or health professional is perhaps your best defense from having a diet and exercise plan lead you to an eating disorder. By simply following this plan on a consistent basis and knowing the guidelines of what types of activities are healthy and unhealthy you can closely monitor yourself so that the results of your fitness program provide you with the health benefits you desire and a long and healthy life. When these tips are taken into consideration, diet and exercise can be the two best things you do in your life. When these activities get out of hand, however, they can lead to eating disorders, sickness, and even death.