Neck discomfort is considered the most common complaints that incite patients to find maple grove chiropractic. And even for good reason, doctors of chiropractic, like Dr. Edelson, are experts at eliminating the spine problems connected with neck pain.

If you are struggling with neck discomfort, you are aware how disabling this problem could be. By disturbing work, exercise and family activities, neck pain produces greater than mere physical anguish. But, it’s not necessary to depend on painkillers with potentially hazardous negative effects to quell neck pain. Continue reading to find out how maple grove chiropractic could finish your discomfort permanently – the all-natural way.

Curvaceous Concerns

Dr. Edelson finds that patients with neck (cervical) discomfort frequently are afflicted by a straightening or turnaround of the neck’s natural curve. When viewed in the side, the cervical spine should form an arch that’s most convex at mid-neck. However, lots of people, especially individuals who work on desks or computers, have cervical spines that jet forward (military neck), or perhaps form reversed curves.

Research has shown that the straightened or reversed curve weakens the deep muscles from the neck, as these muscles have to contain the spine within an anatomically ill-suited posture (Australian Journal of Therapy 199844:210). And, weakened muscles bolster the chance of injuries and discomfort. Additionally, a problematic cervical curve disrupts the neck’s biomechanics (the way in which joints, muscles, and bones move together). Altered spine biomechanics are connected by having an elevated probability of osteo arthritis another painful malady.

Are Adjustments the solution to Neck Discomfort?

So how exactly does maple grove chiropractic alleviate neck discomfort? Dr. Edelson corrects areas within the spine where movement is fixed or bones (vertebrae) are misaligned. Unsurprisingly, these structural segments, known as vertebral subluxations, are frequently detected within the spines of patients with straightened or reversed cervical curves. Dr. Edelson corrects vertebral subluxations with gentle maneuvers known as chiropractic adjustments. Studies have shown these specialized maneuvers restore motion and alignment towards the spine, consequently, preventing the disorders connected with vertebral subluxations, including neck discomfort.

One study enrolled 119 patients with neck or back discomfort. Standard measurement tools were utilised to judge the topics for discomfort and disability. The patients went through maple grove chiropractic, including receiving chiropractic adjustments. Subjects visited their chiropractors typically 12 occasions more than a 4-week period. Findings revealed typically a 54% stop by discomfort along with a 49% stop by disability among subjects with neck discomfort. “Patients attending a personal chiropractic clinic to treat mechanical neck discomfort or low-back discomfort had statistically significant reductions within their discomfort-related disability after treatment,” concluded the study’s authors. “These results indicate that chiropractic manipulation [adjustment] is advantageous to treat mechanical neck discomfort and LBP (Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics 2000 23:307-11).

Besides restoring the neck’s natural curve, studies suggest that alterations in the spine also quell another neck pain instigator: muscle tension (Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics 1999 22:14953).

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