Our produces a lot of hormones, and hCG is one of them. However, hCG is only produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy. In fact, the level of this hormone is tested to know if a woman is pregnant in the first place. In the last few years, hCG has emerged as one of the most debatable topics for weight loss. While there is very little or no evidence that supports the use of hCG supplements for weight loss, some people have claimed great things. There are stories of how people have lost up to 30 pounds in just one month to 40 days.

About hCG supplements

Before you can start with the hCG diet plan, you should know the dos and don’ts. Firstly, you will need hCG supplements, which can be homeopathic or prescription-based. The prescription-based hCG products and supplements are expensive, and quite obviously, you can buy them only when you have recommendation from a registered and practicing physician. In the medical scenario, hCG supplements are used for treating certain conditions of infertility. The homeopathic variants are low on cost and are better for the last stage of weight loss. These don’t have real hCG, but help in boosting the production of the hormone. In both cases, you have to get access to genuine supplements. You can buy it here, but do your initial research.

About the actual diet

Apart from hCG supplements, you need to follow a low-calorie diet, which can be a little complicated, because you are now allowed more than 500 calories each day. You can have protein, bread, veggies and a fruit for each meal, but you shouldn’t have more than two meals each day. Also, it’s important to avoid oil and butter completely, and most of the grains are not allowed, as well. However, the diet doesn’t have a restriction on the amount of water, tea or coffee you can have in a day. Refined sugar must be avoided, as well, but you can use artificial sweeteners.

Finally, as with any diet plan, exercise is extremely important for hCG diet as well. You need to have at least an hour of exercise, which can be anything from weight training to brisk walking, running and jogging. Just changing your diet is never enough to lose weight, and if you follow the right steps, losing weight with the hCG diet is easy and effective.